Coronavirus is still with us and we are now well versed in modifying our daily lives to keep everyone as safe as possible. We can see each other on Skype or Zoom but also, I am pleased to say, that we can meet each other, face to face, in a sweet little local park in Wimbledon.

For all NHS workers and responders who worked so tirelessly during the Covid pandemic and those who hold the Blue Light Card, sessions will be at the reduced fee of £40.

Modern pressures and mental health

While we navigate these awful days of war in Europe, post-Covid and Brexit fall-out and economic downturn in the UK, here are a few suggestions to help manage your anxiety or depression.

woman on balcony self-isolating during the Coronavirus crisis
Use some of these difficult days to catch up with old friends online, be creative or study online.

7 ways to manage your anxiety

  1. Limit your amount of news intake. If possible, check in with the latest updates in the morning on TV or in the press and avoid rolling news channels – especially before you go to bed. Rolling news makes bad news relentless.

2. Try and avoid Twitter and other social media with its non-experts, opinions and gossip. You will not find happiness there.

3. In times of national crisis we are pretty lucky to have the measured tones of the BBC and Sky News. Here are some links to their news pages.

Keep your heart calm . Remember to breathe.

4. Just do what you can. These crises are beyond your control and I understand how hard that is for many people to hear, especially those who are driven to try and keep control. Just do your bit. Help others with acts of kindness.

6) Remember to have fun too. The secret of happiness, according to Professor Paul Dolan, a world authority on what makes people happy, is this: ‘Every day – purpose and pleasure’. Spend time working or helping someone else. Then spend time rewarding yourself with a simple pleasure. Simple pleasures are TV, reading, board games, card games, digital games, gardening or planting seeds, researching, preparing, then enjoying a favourite meal or drink.

Read more about Professor Dolan and his work on

7) Remember: this too, will pass. As a nation, as a global population, we often face terrible crises. Lessons are learnt and losses felt and we eventually find the joy in life once again.

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